Those of us who love to read are always on the look-out for really great books. It doesn’t matter if we have a to-be-read pile taller than the C.N. Tower, if a book grabs our attention, we buy it. Because there’s always room for one more. Or two dozen more. Or a hundred more. Too many books? Ha – no such thing.

The other day, I went book shopping in the comfort of my own home and filled up my iPad with several fabulous titles. Where did I do all this shopping? Two places, actually:

The Independent Publisher Book Awards


 The Indie Excellence Awards

These books represent the best in Indie publishing from around the world. There is something for every taste – from horror to art to literary fiction to spirituality.Many titles are available in both print and electronic form. In some cases, the books can be ordered through your local independent book store, so you can support two indies at the same time.

Time to stock up for summer reading season.