112263High school teacher Jake Epping is shown a time portal, and is drawn into a plot to stop the assassination of JFK.

In this book, King shows himself to be the master of suspense. There are several intertwining storylines, all skillfully woven together. There are several mysteries, apart from the major one about whether or not Oswald acted alone – the yellow card man, the jimla, the obdurate nature of the past, etc. – and each one kept me wanting to turn the page.

I was a little bothered by the deliberate foreshadowing. The narrator was constantly saying things like, “If only I had known …” Not only is it a cheat, it’s a big flashing neon sign saying PAY ATTENTION, A PLOT TWIST IS COMING. However, King pulls it off because the payoff comes right away; he doesn’t leave us hanging for pages, knowing that he’s about to send us on another thrill ride.

An enthralling read. I couldn’t put it down.