thesistersbrothersThis was a bit of a stretch for me as I don’t normally read Westerns, but I chose to read this one based on the recommendation of a friend. I am glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Eli and Charlie Sisters are gold rush era hired guns. They are sent by their employer, known as The Commodore, to kill Herman Kermit Warm, who may or may not have stolen something from The Commodore.

I should loathe these characters. They steal, they maim, they kill. But I don’t. I love them. Charlie is passionate about his work. Eli is a gentler soul. He wants to retire from the business and settle down with a nice girl. Trouble is, every time he thinks he’s figured it out, everything backfires and he has to start all over. I found myself hopelessly engrossed in their Sisyphean task, rooting for Eli to finish his kill and find the right girl.

And the cover design – brilliant!