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Feather of Ma’at has received a great revew from Review Tales:

If you happen to be near Uxbridge, Ontario on March 16, 2024, please drop by Blue Heron Books to say hi and get your copy of The Feather of Ma’at signed.

The Feather of Ma’at has been given an honourable mention in the category of Ancient World in The Historical Fiction Company’s 2023 Book of the Year Competition.

You can see all the category winners here:

The Historical Fiction Company has given The Feather of Ma’at a spectacular review and granted it their 5-Star, Highly Recommended Award.

You can read the review here:

I’m on an episode of Uxbridge Beat Podcast. You can listen here:

My appearance on Uxbridge Scugog Life. Watch to the end because I’m in the first segment on my own and in the last segment I have a discussion with fellow local author Tamara Williamson.

#1 new release in Classical Historical Fiction!!

New Release – October 3, 2023

Feather of Ma'at Book Cover - Nefertiti in front of a temple.

The recently murdered Queen Nefertiti of Egypt stands before the gods in the Underworld. To be granted eternal life, she must convince them her life has been worthy. Should she fail, she will be consigned to oblivion.

To prove her worthiness, she undertakes a review of her life – from the moment when, as a child, the gods assigned her the task of maintaining cosmic balance, to her turbulent forced marriage to Akhenaten, the one Pharaoh in Egypt’s long history who set out to tear that balance apart.

Her marriage becomes steadily more difficult as Akhenaten’s obsession to legitimize the worship of only one god throws society into chaos. Nefertiti assumes more and more of his duties, at a time when simply having a woman in charge is itself viewed as an upset of the cosmic balance. But Nefertiti’s greatest challenge arises as she fails to produce a male heir to preserve the dynasty. As Akhenaten turns in desperation towards Nefertiti’s beautiful young daughters to birth him a son, Nefertiti must balance the future of Egypt and the weight of her royal responsibilities against her love for her daughters.